The modern Scottish kilt and accessories



The ridges

Often the Scots wear the crests of Their Clan pinned on the tartan on formal occasions. During Scottish marriages it is common practice for the pin of the Family that accepts the new member to be attached to the spouse’s tartan by a family member. This gesture symbolizes the acceptance and unity of families.

The sporran

(or bag): it is the pocket attached to the front of a kilt. Historically, little has been written about sporran, however the need for this “bag” is obvious. In the belt loom, even if the wearer could develop several pockets, none of them was very safe to carry small valuables like money and lead balls for muskets and pistols.

Composed with a wide range of designs and were often embellished with silver sticks and tassels. Most were made with animal skins like the otter or goat.





The jacket:

tactical kilts for sale are worn with different jackets for formal and non-formal occasions. For formal occasions, the Scots wear kilts their with a jacket known as the “Prince Charlie Jacket”.

A Prince Charlie jacket is traditionally worn with a vest, a bow and a collar shirt. The Argyle Jacket is a less formal Scottish jacket, which is suitable for both day and night. You’ve seen Sean Connery or Gerlad Butler wear the kilt a million times, not bad right? Many sexy Hollywood actors make it clear to us the kilt That has nothing feminine about it!

The hat:

The Glengarry is the traditional Scottish hat, worn with the full Highland Dress. It has a Toorie (pom pom) on top and a red and white checkered pattern on the side. Many writings mention the Highlanders cap, called “Boineid”, later called “Tam or ‘Shanter”. This hat was knitted or woven and was worn tight around the forehead and loosened with a pompom at the top as decoration. The hats were blue but Also Mainly brown or gray.

Over time they became smaller and were known as “Balmoral boinead” Which sometimes had a band. Tradition has it that the army in the Lowlanders let the ribbons appear free, while the Highlanders tied them to form a bow. The style was worn with which it changed over the years, to create a new style called Glengarry, the current one.

Socks and shoes:

the traditional dress is worn with knee-high stockings called “garters” with ribbons That match the color of the tartan and with the Ghillie Brogues on the feet. These socks are usually cream colored. There was initially a rubber band to keep the socks high and it is Said That the poorest Highlanders Often used hay or straw woven around the top of Their socks to hold it in place. For the wealthy, however, there were the garters.

Shoes were not very popular once, men and women were starting out barefoot, then they started making rudimentary shoes with animal skins and pieces, up to the shoes you wear today.

It is tradition in Scotland Also, to place a small knife called Sgian-dubh inside the sock on the side of the dominant hand.

The belt:

A Highlander leather belt was usually made of cow leather and was 80-100 mm wide with a brass or silver buckle. It is said That during long journeys, the Highlanders, without food, Their tightened belts to feel less hungry.

Some belts are said to sono stati very decorated with silver ornaments mixed with the skin to form a chain. The More economically wealthy The More the value of this belt increased.

And the Scottish women, what did they wear?

Is there a dress similar to combat kilt for sale? The women’s dress is also based on the clan tartan; That of birth if unmarried or That of the spouse’s clan if you wish, after marriage. Traditionally, women wear ankle-length tartan skirts, along with a color matching blouse and jacket.

They Can Also wear an “earasaid tartan”, or a shawl or tonnag (smaller shawl), which is normally pinned with a pin. The women’s shoes, called “ghillie” are thin and foldable with a variety of uppers and soles cut from a piece of leather, which today are used above all for events and dancing indoors.


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